How To Choose The Best E-Cig For Yourself?

e-cigarette-FDASmoking is very addictive and all of know how difficult it is to stop smoking. According to researchers, more than 25% of all smokers relapse simply because the habit is so addictive. Nicotine patches, lozenges etc do help but they do not provide the same mental, emotional and psychological kick that a real cigarette provides. This is partly the reason why e-cigarettes are very popular. According to researchers, e-cigarettes are becoming the most popular alternative for smokers who are trying to cut back on their habit. E-cigs can be smoked in public places, they do not created secondary smoke and they are literally odor-less.

Choosing the right electronic cigarettes for yourself

Everyone’s e cigarette experience is different. What suits one person may not suit the other… You might have to try multiple brands, companies and liquids to get the same smoking experience you had from real cigarettes. However, do take the time to read through this simple guide on how to choose e-cigarettes for yourself.

Quality vs. Price

Ideally, we recommend a good brand made by a reputable local company. Remember, you are using e cigs to kick the habit and it’s a good idea to invest in a good company that will last for a long time. Of course, you can try a disposable e-cig to understand how it works and whether you like the model or not. However, we recommend that you choose a reputable but moderately priced company like us to buy your e cigs. We offer a wide range and variety of e-cigs to choose from and they are all of the best quality. You can choose the cheapest brand from us and still be assured of quality. If you don’t like the brand you have chosen, you can then try another brand as we offer very reasonable prices.

Ease of use

When e-cigarettes were first released for public use, they consisted of a three-part system. This was a little difficult for consumers to deal with as they had to manually refill the cartridge. This cause messy spills and leaks and it was the primary reason why e-cigs were not popular. However, now most companies have simplified the basic design. The e-cigarette consists of two parts. This makes the cigarette easy to use. The cigarette contains a refillable cartridge that is refilled. Users can also buy readymade cartridges that are filled with a new smoking liquid. Each cartridge contains a fresh atomizer, which ensures a wonderful smoking experience. When you are buying your electronic cigarette kit, make sure you choose a brand that offers multiple flavors, brands and varieties of smoking liquid.

Charging options

Multiple charging options are necessary to ensure that you can continue vaping. We suggest you choose a kit that offers battery use, USB charging and even a direct charging option. If you choose an electronic battery, make sure that the battery is strong enough to get through an entire day of smoking. Ideally, this should be listed on the packaging as number of puffs. For a normal person, the battery should offer a minimum of 300 puffs per day. A long life battery with multiple charging options will ensure that your electronic cigarette is always charged and ready for use.

Customer Service

E-cigs are mechanical devices and they tend to breakdown over time. A good customer service team will help you deal with simple problems and they will work with you to help you choose the right e-cigs brand and company.

Every online store offers different brands of electronic cigarettes but they are not like us. They may not offer reliable customer service, product guarantees and lifetime warranties on their products. Try our website and we can assure the best of everything.