E Cigs– The New Definition of Pleasure

ecigsE cigarettes have become highly popular in the UK especially in the past couple of years. According to reports, more and more people are waking up to the enormous benefits of ‘vaping’ and giving up smoking real cigarettes in favor of the e cigs. Well, as an established and trusted e cigarette company in the UK, we are anything but surprised. We have been long proclaiming the benefits of electronic cigarette and it only feels good to know people are paying heed.

Apart from the health benefits, one of the reasons why we promote our products is that not only they are a viable alternative to smoking real cigs, but can even provide their patrons more satisfaction than cigarettes. Yes, e cig is a growing industry and we continuously look to better our products in terms of taste, healthiness, and satisfaction. Many argue that it is not the tobacco or nicotine only that accounts for the pleasures of cigarette smoking, but rather the whole experience of it and the sensations involved therein. Well, for our part, we could not agree more. For if it was not so, nicotine gums or patches would have long replaced the cigarettes.

This is why we give utmost care to offer our customers products that will rival the cigarettes in taste, pleasures and sensations. We have a talented team of engineers who are continuously working towards bettering our eletronic cigarettes products because we believe that when it comes to taste and pleasures, only sky is the limit. We also believe in giving our customers as many choices as we can, so that he can enjoy greater flexibility in choosing his stuff.

For example, our e cig liquid come in many different flavours. So, our customers have the freedom to try out these different flavours and see what works best for them and affords them the highest satisfaction. At the same time, there are varieties in offer in terms of nicotine strength, too. So, our customers can choose from liquids with high nicotine concentration, low nicotine concentration and also, liquids with medium nicotine strength. Experienced users can also choose not to go for these pre-mixed liquids and in their stead, mix their very own liquids. We sell the ingredients that go into making the e liquid, that is, nicotine, diluents, and concentrate flavors separately. So, the customers can also choose to buy these products and concoct their own liquid and their own unique flavour.

In terms of the device, we offer quite a few variations, too. You may go for the e-cig devices that look exactly like real cigarettes. More particular users may also choose to go for devices that simulate the shapes and the sizes of pipes or cigars. Or, if performance is the ultimate factor for you, you may like to go for the devices that produce the maximum amount of vapour, if really a mouthful of vapour is what you prefer. Choices are simply aplenty and it is this variety which defines us and sets us apart from other similar companies.

At the same time, we give utmost importance to growth and innovation. We do not want to sit easy on our laurels and always strive to provide a richer and a more wholesome experience to the users. So, try our products today and let us know how you feel about them. Your feedback is what helps us to improve and innovate more!

How To Choose The Best E-Cig For Yourself?

e-cigarette-FDASmoking is very addictive and all of know how difficult it is to stop smoking. According to researchers, more than 25% of all smokers relapse simply because the habit is so addictive. Nicotine patches, lozenges etc do help but they do not provide the same mental, emotional and psychological kick that a real cigarette provides. This is partly the reason why e-cigarettes are very popular. According to researchers, e-cigarettes are becoming the most popular alternative for smokers who are trying to cut back on their habit. E-cigs can be smoked in public places, they do not created secondary smoke and they are literally odor-less.

Choosing the right electronic cigarettes for yourself

Everyone’s e cigarette experience is different. What suits one person may not suit the other… You might have to try multiple brands, companies and liquids to get the same smoking experience you had from real cigarettes. However, do take the time to read through this simple guide on how to choose e-cigarettes for yourself.

Quality vs. Price

Ideally, we recommend a good brand made by a reputable local company. Remember, you are using e cigs to kick the habit and it’s a good idea to invest in a good company that will last for a long time. Of course, you can try a disposable e-cig to understand how it works and whether you like the model or not. However, we recommend that you choose a reputable but moderately priced company like us to buy your e cigs. We offer a wide range and variety of e-cigs to choose from and they are all of the best quality. You can choose the cheapest brand from us and still be assured of quality. If you don’t like the brand you have chosen, you can then try another brand as we offer very reasonable prices.

Ease of use

When e-cigarettes were first released for public use, they consisted of a three-part system. This was a little difficult for consumers to deal with as they had to manually refill the cartridge. This cause messy spills and leaks and it was the primary reason why e-cigs were not popular. However, now most companies have simplified the basic design. The e-cigarette consists of two parts. This makes the cigarette easy to use. The cigarette contains a refillable cartridge that is refilled. Users can also buy readymade cartridges that are filled with a new smoking liquid. Each cartridge contains a fresh atomizer, which ensures a wonderful smoking experience. When you are buying your electronic cigarette kit, make sure you choose a brand that offers multiple flavors, brands and varieties of smoking liquid.

Charging options

Multiple charging options are necessary to ensure that you can continue vaping. We suggest you choose a kit that offers battery use, USB charging and even a direct charging option. If you choose an electronic battery, make sure that the battery is strong enough to get through an entire day of smoking. Ideally, this should be listed on the packaging as number of puffs. For a normal person, the battery should offer a minimum of 300 puffs per day. A long life battery with multiple charging options will ensure that your electronic cigarette is always charged and ready for use.

Customer Service

E-cigs are mechanical devices and they tend to breakdown over time. A good customer service team will help you deal with simple problems and they will work with you to help you choose the right e-cigs brand and company.

Every online store offers different brands of electronic cigarettes but they are not like us. They may not offer reliable customer service, product guarantees and lifetime warranties on their products. Try our website and we can assure the best of everything.

Choose electronic cigarettes for harmless smoking

Ultimate destination for premium e cigs review

There are many for whom quitting the addiction to smoking is not possible, even if they intend to do so. However, with the best electric cigarettes around now available at unbeatable prices, you can certainly get freedom from the harmful effects of nicotine. The electronic cigarette reviews on our site will guide you as to why you should use these harmless smoking devices and why it is important for a smoker to go through an e cig review. The psychological routines and satisfaction that is provided by our electronic cigs are majorly emphasized in the electronic cigarette review UK present on our site.


How do electronic cigarettes review help?

Our best electronic cigarette review makes you understand how use of electronic cigarette can be more effective than regular cigs. A regular smoker is always looking for the thrill and elated satisfaction that a tobacco-filled cigarette offers. Moreover, unless you get similar feel, there is quite a possibility that you may switch over to your old habit. However, with our premium quality list of electronic cigarette, you will never miss the taste as well as feel as we have made use of cutting-edge technology to provide you the same pleasure. Our electronic cigarette UK reviews cover all the aspects of this micro technology and provides you with detailed information on how only a measured amount of nicotine is used for giving you the smoking highs.

Smoking without burning tobacco

Our electronic cigs reduce the harm caused due to nicotine as no tobacco is burned when you are smoking. The nicotine utilized during the process is a smoke-like vapour form due to which the harm is comparatively much less than caused by traditionally based tobacco products. You can enjoy smoking without inhaling the related poisonous components of tobacco. Our electronic cigarette reviews UK discuss in detail all these advantages of our premium electronic cigars and about the benefits of smoke or the vapour we use in our cigs.

Enjoy smoking without harming others

Our electronic cigarettes reviews throw light on various aspects of our vapor filled cigs. Traditional smoking also causes harm to others who are close to you. However, use of e-cig does not harm anyone else even when you are smoking in close vicinity to someone. That is why these cigarettes can be used indoors and are legally free from any ban. You can easily enjoy your smoking at public places with these electric cigs. The e cig reviews also helps the non-smokers understand such best features of these cigarettes.

Relief from unpleasant smell

Our e cigs reviews reveal why our cigarettes are so popular. Our cigarettes are only meant to give you the pleasure of smoking. However, neither do they taste unpleasantly nor do they leave any unpleasant odour or smell in the surroundings. This way, anyone can enjoy your company without having to bear the unpleasant smell of the traditional tobacco. By going through our e cig review, you will also get to understand other advantages of our stylish cigarette.

Cheaper and easier to use

Through our e cigarettes review you will come to know that our e-cigs are almost 75 percent cheaper than the regular cigarettes. Moreover, they come with rechargeable batteries that are made from latest innovative technology. Once you check out an e cigarette review posted on our site you will definitely find it worth trying it out yourself.

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